Hothersall Lodge

We were approached by a climbing wall manufacturer to develop, manufacture and install an artificial caving system for Hothersall Lodge in Lancashire. The design required that the system could be used by cavers with physical & sensory disabilities as well as being challenging enough for able bodied geusts.


The system was built in two levels with the lower level being completly flat bottomed. This allowed a specially designed trolly for those with more severe disabilities to enjoy the adventure. The upper layer was designed with lots of hand holds and stalactites for participants with restricted limb operation to pull themselves through.

Interspersed throughout the cave were lots of fossils and tactile features for those with visual and sensory imparements to guide and illustrate the experience of caving.

The sytem was built to fit behind their climbing wall and consisted of a two loop system.

Cave Features: 50 linear metres, multi level, cave paintings, horizontal and vertical squeezes, central chamber, LED lighting.

Construction Period: 10 weeks

Installation Period: 10 days